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Svalbard Explorer: Best of High Arctic Norway in Depth on Ocean Explorer

Cruise, Small Ship/Yacht
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Svalbard Explorer: Best of High Arctic Norway in Depth

This 12-day northern expedition aboard the Ocean Explorer will take you through the many amazing sights, sounds and snowy landscapes of the Arctic. As you explore icy Spitsbergen – the largest island in Svalbard – and its outlying islands, search for local wildlife like lumbering polar bears, noisy walruses and huge colonies of seabirds. Discover the array of wild, natural landscapes as you hike tundra laced with wildflowers, see the cliffs and shores of Alkefjellet and snowshoe through the abandoned whaling sites of Smeerenburg. Get a unique perspective of the rugged western coast as you pass by untouched fjords, glaciers and many different shades of ice. With an expert Expedition Team by your side, you'll have the best chance to spot local flora and fauna and learn all about the history and geology of this fascinating place along the way.

    • Take a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the Arctic aboard the Ocean Explorer and experience the unique 24-hour of sunlight of a Northern summer.
    • Discover some incredible landscapes on Spitsbergen, from the northernmost city of Longyearbyen and the brilliantly blue 14th of July Glacier to the breathtaking fjords and mountain cliffs of the sea.
    • Scour sheets of ice in search of the elusive polar bear – the ruler of the Arctic – with your expert Expedition Team by your side giving you the best tips and opportunities.
    • With endless daylight, there will be endless wildlife-viewing opportunities – elusive Arctic foxes, breaching whales, lounging masses of walruses and colonies of seabirds dot the cliffs of Alkefjellet.
    • Choose to get even closer to this amazing environment with optional activities like hiking and gliding along pristine waters between icebergs in a sea kayak.
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